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Except the ones he wants to come out and broadcast about. You see who's still standing." Being nice has other benefits too"[Girls] were always throwing themselves [at us].When he wants to come out and make it a big effort and really do something, he's not humble anymore." He still isn't sick of playing "Bawitdaba""' Bawitdaba' is tough to beat," he says of his 1998 hit. We want to go a long way, and that's not how you treat people. I was like, ' Let's not fuck this up by being brats. When we get the fuck off, we fucking treat them like they're part of our fucking family. It's just when we first put the record out, it was bigger girls in southern Ohio, northern Virginia.He was previously married to Pamela Anderson back in 2006 but it did not last long.They divorced in 2007 and he began dating Audrey soon after.Kid Rock doesn't kid around when it comes to locking down his longtime gf ...we got the first shots of the diamond ring he put on Audrey Berry when he popped the question.

He had a twisted, on-again, off-again marriage to Pamela Anderson that ended when they filed for divorce in 2007.

The engagement took place 'earlier this year,' according to TMZ.

And earlier this month, the dark-haired exotic-looking beauty flashed the big rock during Rock's Chillin' The Most cruise.

"You're more likely to go and find out some of the charitable things he's done in his life from other people than from him, because he won't talk about it.

Shit, I've been driving with him, and he picks up the phone and hear a conversation go down and I know damn well he just sent a huge check to somebody.

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